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About Kent.

We’re Kent. For nearly 12 years, Kent has delivered water purification & water filtration processes to domestic consumers, businesses and large organizations throughout Asia & UAE. What does Kent stand for? A guardian of your drinking water. Reliable and durable equipment with scalable technology and solutions to provide safe and healthy water.

 Kent’s commitment to its customers, employees and communities shines in all we do. Our Vision – People working for people to provide hygienic drinking water – reflects, very simply, our promise to care for you, your budget and your family.

We Value:


We bring passion to the pursuit of extraordinary service. We listen; we care; and we deliver.


We are professional and accountable for our actions, and deliver what we promise.


We are responsive and work with you to create innovative solutions that meet the challenges.


Our people are our core strength and competitive advantage. We thrive only by working together.

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